Who We Are

Who we are

The impact we want to make as an organization is very critical and that's why we are constantly seeking opportunities to align resources to reduce Tanzania's burden of preterm birth and its negative impact on health, communities, and economies.

Founded in 2015 by the former Miss Tanzania, and 900 grams prematurely born beauty queen, Doris Mollel in Dar es Salaam, The Doris Mollel Foundation (DMF) has grown to become one of the most renowned, wide-reaching, and the first Non-Governmental Organization to work hand in hand with both the government and private stakeholders in catering to the needs of premature babies. Accredited by the Registrar of the Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Republic of Tanzania and registered under 00NGO/R2/00079

The Doris Mollel Foundation, as we know it today, evolved from Doris Mollel’s goals for great care and livelihood for prematurely born babies in Tanzania. From one person’s dream to a whole community’s hope – the Preemie Community – to a Nationwide impact and still growing. The belief that it is possible to create a world where we are equal and have equal access to proper health care was the principle and foundation upon which the Doris Mollel Foundation was founded and has driven the foundation’s success.

Our Founder

Doris William Mollel, is a firstborn twin, was a 900-gram premature baby in 1990 in Dar Es Salaam. Born prematurely herself, weighing just 900g, Doris’s personal journey fuels her passion for advocating for the well-being of premature infants. Understanding that she was only lucky to survive as a premature baby, pushed her to jump and become a voice for preterm babies.


She holds an MSc in Human Resource Management and a Postgraduate Diploma in Foreign Relations Management. Throughout the years, Doris Mollel has earned her prestigious awards, including Tanzanian Humanitarian of the Year, induction into the Tanzania’s Leadership Hall of Fame, and recognition as a Sustainable Development Goals Women in Management Award Winner. Apart from DMF, she serves on the boards of Save the Children Tanzania, Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania and Parent and Patient Advisory Board of the European Foundation for the care of Newborn Infants.

Our approach

Our Mission
Through our commitment to continuous growth, we aspire to create a world where every individual, regardless of their start, has equal opportunities for a healthy and thriving life.

We envision a barrier-free, inclusive, diverse world that values each individual and their voice, as well as preterm infants, girls and women enjoy the power of equal rights and opportunities, dignity, choice, independence, and freedom from abuse, neglect, and discrimination.

Our Vision
To advocate, educate, investigate, litigate, advance, and protect the rights of Tanzanian preterm infants, girls and women.

We are a Tanzanian female-led organization with a young and qualified team, all of whom share a common passion for premature babies and the goal of ending preterm deaths and improving maternal and child healthcare across the country. Our team’s expertise, energy, dedication, and love for the problem we are trying to solve make us uniquely qualified to come up with ways to address the challenges related to prematurity.

Our Impact

The impact and legacy we want to leave as an NGO in Tanzania and beyond is bigger than any of us. We want to be an organization that will be around for hundreds of years and have transformed maternal and child health in Sub-Saharan Africa forever.

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Board Members

Dr. Robert Moshiro

Dr. Robert Moshiro is the Head of the Neonatal Unit at Muhimbili National Hospital in Dar es Salaam. He completed his Ph.D. in 2019, concentrating on newborn care and the outcomes of resuscitated infants within the critical first seven days of life. 


Dr. Moshiro has published 30 research papers, and regularly contributes to advancing knowledge and improving the outcomes of newborns in the country. He currently serves as the Chair of the Board for the Doris Mollel Foundation. 

Mr. Millard Ayo

Mr. Millard Ayo is a well-known Tanzanian media personality recognized for his work in journalism and digital media. He has a strong online presence through his blog, website, and social media platforms, where he shares news, entertainment, and cultural insights.

His blog is the biggest entertainment website in the country. Starting in the radio industry at the age of 13, Millard Ayo has hosted shows and worked as a news reporter at prominent media companies like TVZ Zanzibar, Clouds FM/TV, Wapo Radio, and Radio One. He has won multiple awards and recognitions as Tanzania’s Most Overall Influential Young Person in 2018. Over the years, he has become a social media sensation with over 13.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.8 Billion views on YouTube, connecting with people from various backgrounds.


Dr. Aleesha Adatia

Dr. Aleesha Adatia is a Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the C-Care International Hospital of Kampala. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Hubert Kairuki Memorial University and earned her Master of Medicine in Clinical Oncology at Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences.

She proudly stands as one of the first two oncologists in Tanzania to receive the International Development Education Award from the American Society of Clinical Oncology. She holds memberships in several international and national oncology and palliative care associations.

Mr. Georgie Ndirangu

Georgie Ndirangu is an award-winning journalist, trained broadcaster and global moderator, having previously worked with the BBC, CNBC and Forbes Africa, and interviewed tens of Heads of State and figures around the world. 
He has a background in Actuarial Science, and expertise in the development world, which he executed at Portland Communications for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Evercare, and other organizations across Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the UK. His latest assignment involved setting up the Pan-African Program communications department as consulting head at the Mastercard Foundation.
He is now a strategic consultant and currently serves on the board of the Doris Mollel Foundation, focused on neonatal care in East Africa, and as a Now Generation Member at the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

Dr. Albert Chotta

Dr. Albert Chotta is a Principal Medical Doctor with twelve years of experience working alongside newborn care units in public and private medical facilities in Tanzania. He specializes in pediatrics and child health. 

He is responsible for the national training of trainers in newborn care, including the establishment of newborn care units, provision of essential newborn care, and the improvement of referral systems for small and sick newborns.

He graduated in General Medicine from the University of Dar es Salaam in 1994, pursued Specialist Pediatrics and Child Health training at Tumaini University from 2006 to 2010, and completed a postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Medicine at the University of Kwazulu Natal from 2013 to 2015.